Increase Your SEP Enrollment with Better Marketing Data

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Increase SEP Enrollment with Better Marketing Data
Increase SEP Enrollment with Better Marketing Data

Every month thousands of individuals become eligible for special enrollment (SEP). Unfortunately, many carriers and agencies are missing their opportunity to reach these individuals.


Because they fail to include all SEP-eligible individuals in their markets.

Use SEP Marketing Data Checklist

To avoid this SEP pitfall, you can use this audience checklist:

  • Turning 26 and turning 65

  • Moved into a new state or a new county

  • Newly engaged by wedding date

  • Recently married

  • Recently divorced

  • Recently retired

  • Expectant mothers by child’s due date

  • New child birth to new mothers

Do you have any SEP audience gaps that you need to close?

New SEP Enrollment Data to Test

In addition to the above data, carriers and agencies should consider testing the following audiences for individual insurance:

  • In-the-Market for baby supplies (30 day hotline) NEW

  • In-the-Market for weddings (30 day hotline) NEW

The people are actively shopping for baby supplies and wedding services. So, they represent consumers who may be eligible to enroll under SEP trigger guidelines.

Request Counts for All SEP-Eligible Individuals in Your Markets

As you can see, there's a lot to gain from expanding your SEP audiences. Contact us today if you would like an updated count of all SEP-eligible individuals in your markets.

Your Next Steps:

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