Better Cruise Marketing [VIDEO]

How to Increase Your Direct Bookings & Lower Your Marketing Costs

While the cruise line industry continues to enjoy rapid growth, many marketing challenges still remain. In Sojern's 2019 version of its "State of the Travel Industry" report, cruise lines and other travel marketers indicated the need to:

  • Increase direct bookings

  • Improve targeting and personalization

  • Reach new travel audiences

  • Lower marketing costs

In this 2-minute video, we outline three proven ways to overcome these challenges and improve your cruise marketing results.

As you can see, cruise line marketers can take advantage of three new prospect audiences to improve their marketing results across all channels.

When you are able to target prospects who recently cruised, are actively searching online for cruise options, or have scored as likely to cruise (using artificial intelligence), you will increase your direct bookings and lower your marketing costs.

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