Want better marketing results?

We reach likely buyers when they show in-market buying signals.

Optimize your spend with 100% attribution.

Maximize your marketing.

Award-winning online marketing platform using Oracle Data Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Centro's programmatic ad buying

Online Marketing

Generate better CTRs, leads, and conversion rates with our award-winning platform. Reach likely buyers when they show in-market signals.


Leverage the power of purchase likelihood data, Oracle Data Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, programmatic ad buying, and 100% attribution.

Advanced email marketing with white glove ESP partners and database of verified emails

Email Marketing

Generate more email opens, clicks and conversions with our industry-leading inbox capabilities, white glove ESP partners, and real-time optimization.

Leverage our database of 500+ million verified emails to reach your customers and prospects. Use email to boost your online and direct mail results.

Direct mail marketing using likely buyers and advanced personalization

Direct Mail

Generate higher response rates and conversion rates with our purchase likelihood data, lookalike modeling, or response modeling data.


Leverage our advanced direct mail personalization platform or deploy our high-response audiences with your preferred mail house.

How We Generate More Leads & Higher Conversion


Onboard Purchase

Likelihood Data

Oracle Data Cloud


Deliver Ads to Audiences

with Purchase Signals

Oracle Marketing Cloud


Generate More Leads

from Qualified Buyers

Online + Brick & Mortar

Customer acquisition marketing using purchase likelihood data, lookalike modeling, and response modeling

Customer Acquisition

Improve your customer acquisition results by combining online, email and direct marketing campaigns. Leverage the same audiences across all channels.


Target your best prospects using purchase likelihood data, lookalike modeling data, or response modeling data. Optimize with 100% attribution.

Grow and retain customers with always-on marketing

Growth & Retention

Grow and retain your best customers with an innovative "always-on" platform that allows you to reach your customers when they are in-market to buy again.


Deliver ads to your best customers based on in-market signals inside of Oracle Marketing Cloud. Reach these same customers in other channels.

Execute true omnichannel campaigns by onboarding the same offline audience

True Omnichannel

Improve your results by using offline data to allow for true omnichannel marketing. Reach the same people across every marketing channel.


Use your existing customer data or our prospect data to build your offline audience. Enhance your audience with emails to optimize your match rate.

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How We Achieve 100% Attribution


Onboard Offline Data


Generate "Exposure" File


Match to Responders