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Purchase Propensities

Reach consumers who are most likely to purchase your product or service based on scoring from machine learning. Refine your audience by selecting the "top scores" for likelihood to purchase.​

Purchase Signals

Reach consumers who are researching and shopping for products and services in your category. Refine your audience by hundreds of consumer attributes, including demographics and financials.

Purchase Categories

Reach consumers who are currently buying products and services in your category. Refine your audience by channel preference, recency, frequency, seasonality, and volume of purchases.​



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Purchase Trends

Reach consumers who are buying from your key competitors.  Refine your audience by recency, frequency and volume of purchases. Further refine it by selecting from hundreds of attributes.

Purchase Triggers

Reach consumers who are experiencing life changes that "trigger" the purchase of your product or services. They are very responsive. Refine your audience by hundreds of consumer attributes.

Purchase Locations

Reach consumers who are currently buying products and services in specific locations. Refine your audience by proximity to your locations, your competitor's locations, or other geos.

New Home Listings

Reach consumers who recently listed their home for sale. These consumers will soon be moving ("pre-movers"). They are highly likely to purchase certain products and services very soon.

New Movers

Reach consumers who recently moved into a new home or apartment. These consumers spend significantly more on products and services for their home. They are also more open to new brands.

New Deeds & Mortgages

Reach consumers who recently purchased a home and/or a mortgage (new or refi). These consumers are likely to buy mortgage protection insurance or other home-related services.

Profiling & Modeling

Data Services

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Omnichannel Activation

Activate your data across direct mail, email, telemarketing, digital and social channels.

Deliver your Facebook ads to prospects who receive your direct mail offers.

Get higher response rates, more leads and better conversion rates.

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