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Rebuild Your Facebook Partner Categories

Facebook Audiences

Boost your custom audience results with our Facebook Partner Category data. Reach these same prospects with email, direct mail and other channels.

PPC Google Customer Match

Google Audiences

Improve your PPC performance by creating Google Customer Match audiences based on prospects who are qualified and likely to buy your product.

Digital display audiences

Display Audiences

Get better digital display results by onboarding and targeting prospects who are qualified and likely to buy. Use our platform for 100% attribution.

How We Rebuild Your Facebook Partner Audiences

Select Your Data



Onboard Your Data


Activate Your Audience

Location-based audiences for marketing

Location Audiences

Reach consumers who are shopping at competitor locations, your locations or a broader set of locations that indicate their interest in your category. 

Prequalified audiences improve conversion rates

Prequalified Audiences

Significantly improve your conversion rate across all marketing channels by starting with audiences based on qualified prospects who are likely to buy.

Omnichannel audiences for marketing

Omnichannel Audiences

Reach your target audience across all the right channels by starting with offline prospect data. Now you can reach the same people with the same message.​​

Data & Lists


Use our purchase propensity data to build your next high-performance custom audience.

Activate your high-performance customer audiences via display, Facebook, Google and email. 

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