Want better data?

We clean, enhance, profile and model your data.

Instantly get better marketing results.

Get more from your data.

Profile prospects and customers using offline data and online behaviors

Customer Profiling

Improve your marketing by getting to know your customers at a deeper level. Profile them using 800+ consumer variables plus their online behaviors.

Use lookalike modeling to increase your response rates, CTRs and conversion rates

Lookalike Modeling

Improve your response rates, CTRs and conversion rates by targeting prospects who look just like your best customers. Leverage the power of machine learning.

Use response modeling to target prospects who will respond better to your campaigns

Response Modeling

Improve your marketing results by targeting prospects who look just like your best responders. Reach them across all channels and get better performance.

How We Get More Insights from Your Data

Full Offline Profile


800+ Consumer Variables


Full Online Profile

Oracle Marketing Cloud


Predictive Modeling

Machine Learning

Conduct regular data hygiene and standardization to improve your marketing results

Data Hygiene

Improve your marketing results by starting with cleaner data. Remove duplicates, correct postal and email addresses, and update all key elements.

Enhance your direct marketing data with over 800 consumer variables

Data Enhancement

Enhance your customers with 800+ consumer variables. Segment your customers and improve your marketing with personalized offers and creative.

Improve your reach and marketing performance by appending emails to you cutomer files

Email Appending

Append your customers with our database of 500+ million opt-in email addresses.​ Expand your target audience reach for email and online campaigns.

Data & Lists

Improve your direct mail response rates and online performance with our data.


Improve your results with our award-winning platforms for digital, email and direct mail.

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